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Hello Lara,

Thanks Lara,

I am a big believer in EBO and coaching and have shared that in sever informal and formal settings across our schools over the years. This is the 10 year for me at Gilson and the 8 th year of using EBO. It has changed my ‘identity’ as a leader and helped me to have a learning leader focus consistently. I love the process and have grown as much as the staff perhaps more by coaching.

Thanks so much.

Ever since I met you with the first lot of training and got to understand how an EBO was conducted and did some myself I like the rigour in which it gave structure to seeing improvement. 

These days I’d be pretty rusty at doing an EBO so maybe next time if the opportunity allows I might do a refresher. Anyway, I didn’t realise that you had moved your base and so I trust that you had a safe trip back to ‘land of the long white cloud’. 

Kind regards,


Mark B Vodéll


Gilson College – Taylors Hill