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Who We Are

We are teachers, principals, researchers and education consultants who, like you, are passionate about making the most of each moment in the classroom.

Between us we have well over 100 years of experience as educators in Australia and New Zealand.

We know how to help you raise student achievement, engagement and build positive relationships in the classroom.

We help you to base your decision making on best evidence , research and your own achievement data.

What we Offer

•Training using the EBO APP

•Assessment for Learning

•Differentiation for learning

•Support with Australian Curriculum

•Formative Evaluation of Programmes

•Leadership Training and Coaching

•Strategic Planning and Professional Development Planning support

•Numeracy Coaching

•Literacy Coaching

•Student Wellbeing/ Pastoral Care Coaching

•Staff Development Seminars

•Professional Learning Community Support

•Analysis and Action Planning based on student and teacher data

•Collaboration, flexibility and ongoing support

•For schools which make use of surveys, we can provide in depth support for leadership teams helping to unpack

analyse and plan based on the information.